Walking tour guide in Ocean Grove NJTiny Tours of Ocean Grove was founded by Kim Brittingham, an author and history enthusiast who moved to Ocean Grove, New Jersey from New York City in 2008.

Since childhood Kim has been fascinated by history, and the 19th century in particular. After moving to Ocean Grove, she found herself getting lost for hours digging through old newspapers, county archives, and other sources to uncover the fascinating stories behind the early residents of this quirky Victorian-era town.  She shares her ongoing discoveries through:

  • Walking tours
  • Tours by trolley and horse-drawn wagon (both public and private)
  • Field trips for grown-ups with child-like curiosity departing from Ocean Grove
  • Special events, presentations and celebrations of Ocean Grove history
  • Video series “Curiosities of Ocean Grove” (watch here)

Participants in all Tiny Tours events are encouraged to dress in 19th century costume. “It makes a scene that makes people smile,” Kim says. “Besides, I’m always looking for an excuse to wear Victorian-era styles. I can’t be the only one!”

Kim says the best part of what she does with Tiny Tours is meeting so many kindred spirits. She says, “Life’s too short not to enjoy what we love, and geek out with other people who love the same things. I love history, Victoriana, period costume, good stories, travel — and experiencing them is always sweeter when the experience is shared.”

Our events usually sell out quickly. Don’t get left out! Share your email address and we’ll keep you in the loop.

Questions? Email us here or call (732) 305-8677.